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Verbascum bombyciferum 'Arctic Summer'




Clearance corner - plants are ready to come out of their pot.  1 litre sized pot.  This verbascum has been a living sculpture in my garden this year, despite autumn drought and strong winds it reached over 3.5m tall and even though it has finished flowering (May 2019) and the foliage has died down, I haven't the heart to cut the flowering stalk down.  They usually reach approx 2m tall.  This is a hardy short-lived perennial worthy of a sunny spot in well-drained soil in your garden.  In my garden in its first year it formed a large rosette of fabulous silvery green felted leaves, approx 70cm in diameter, then the next year it sent up its numerous tall white fleecy stems which are then covered in bright sulphur yellow flowers throughout summer.  It will die back once flowering has finished and you may be lucky to have it emerge again come spring, they usually live for 3-4 years.

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