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Helenium Lord of Flanders



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Back in spring 2021.  Perennial starter 9cm pot.  Helenium Lord of Flanders is a hardy perennial which provides a wonderful burst of colour from mid summer onwards.  The centre cones begin as a dark dome that is then covered in pollen which invites the bees to feast.  The petals change colour through tones of red as the flower ages.  Likes a sunny position in moist but well-drained soil.  Basal foliage is dark green tinged with a deep red  and the leaves are wider than some of the other heleniums. The stems are strong and I get away with no staking even when the westerlies are making themselves known.  Heleniums look great planted with Rudbeckias, salvias, asters, ornamental grasses, dahlias and any other summer-autumn performers.  Reaches 80cm +.  Winter dormant.  Dead head to extend the display further.

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