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The Nursery

Villaleigh Nursery

Villaleigh Nursery specialises in collecting and growing perennial plants.  With hundreds of perennials being grown in the garden, Villaleigh Nursery aims to provide you with a selection of these perennials for your home garden.  

The nursery is open via appointment only (contact can be made via the website contact page, email or by phone).

The plants are grown in various pot sizes, ranging from 9cm through to 3.5 litre.  Plant availability varies and I don't have a catalogue as what is grown each month/week is ever changing.

Villaleigh Nursery bring our plants to plant based markets/fairs, such as the Ayrlies Plant Fair held each March.  We also look to attend other plant focused events throughout the year when possible.

As of November 2023 we no longer operate the online sales part of the business.


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